Writer’s block?

Hey guys! How long has it been, ten days?

It’s times like these when I’m greatful that my livelihood doesn’t depend on writing. Imagine what would happen if I stopped writing for weeks (as I’ve done with you guys.) I’d probably just starve to death. The only upside would be that I’d finally have something to write about after going through all that.

The thing is, I’m feeling a little uninspired lately. It’s like the happy, creative half of my brain has shut down completely. I’m just going through the motions without seeing the world with the special sight that I’ve developed. Nothing seems magical right now. Everything is just there. I miss seeing the world from my own perspective, from describing it in words nobody else could have strung together.

This whole thing reminds me of the time when I’d become really numb. I’d lost the power to express myself as openly as I used to. I was afraid to show my weakness or tears to anyone at all. I hated how shutting everyone out made me feel, but for some reason I just couldn’t help it. I missed being so open about my emotions. I liked letting people see how I felt. It gave me a sense of strength and growth.

I’m slowly moving past that now. I hope my happy brain will wake up soon and help me see again.



Challenge 13: Something sweet

  So DPixel has finally crawled out of whatever rock she was taking shelter under and decide to complete the previous challenge. It is therefore time to move on to the next one!


  This is the first ever ice cream cake I’ve made!! Here’s the link for the recipe:
  How to make Oreo Ice Cream Cake Recipe – Laura Vi…: http://youtu.be/JOecLVgUTZ8

It was a huge success in my family because of all the kids we had sleeping over. Made some pretty yummy memories with them =)


Challenge 12: Inside my bag

I’ve been told that I carry an unnecessarily large bag and here’s what’s inside it:


   First, we have my wallet which was a gift from my aunt. I share my uncle’s thoughts on the fact that a wallet should always be a gift. In other words, it’s weird to buy your own wallet. I can’t explain exactly why but it just is.

   Then there’s my student ID, a few books (the purple one was a gift from T) and pens, a pair of sunglasses (also from T), a few USBs and a teabag of herbal tea.

   It’s funny how whenever I try to look for any one of these things in my bag, it takes me a good five minutes, but seeing them spread out so tidily make me realize that they aren’t many. Maybe I should use my eyes instead of trying to find things by touch next time. Yeah, that should do it.



Challenge 11: Something yellow

Evening, here’s my something yellow:


   It’s my copy of the two in one ‘Charlie and the chocolate factory and Charlie and the great glass elevator’.
   As you can see, the cover had to be replaced. I’d like to own up for that but in my defence.. I loved that book. Still do!

   When we were little, my dad used to rent out children’s novels for my brother and I to help us get through the summer. I remember very clearly how he’d come home on the first day with a giant bag of books ranging from Asterix and Obelix to the Goosebumps series and a whole bunch of Roald Dahl books added to the mix. There was some Harry Potter in there too but I was never a fan of those (please don’t shoot.)

I remember spending many a sleepless nights flipping page after page, so captivated by the vivid imagery.

There’s one thing about this particular book that I must say though. I loved the first part, where Charlie has his adventure at the chocolate factory. However, even as a child I wasn’t a big fan of sequels. For some reason, my imagination could allow for chocolate rivers, everlasting gobstoppers and the witty little oompa loompas, but it just wouldn’t accept an elevator full of buttons launching into space. God knows when my brain decided that the line between imagination and just sheer stupidity had been crossed.

In any case I’d give up all my jellybeans to be in Charlie’s place… Cuz I’d just get some more there!

I’m grateful for these beautiful memories, so far this week has been a lovely jog down memory lane.. let’s see what DPixel challenges me to next…


Challenge 10: Something ending with the letter ‘Y’

So, my something with a ‘Y’ is a toy…train


There was a time when my parents would buy toys as Eid presents for my cousins and family friends. I remember one Eid when we went to the store, while my parents were too busy looking for gifts, my sister and I were checking out all the cool new toys.

My sister is around 7 years younger than me, and when I saw her begging dad to buy her a new toy car I thought to myself, ‘what a brat’. That’s when my eyes fell on this train set. It had been a dream of mine for quite a while to own one and even though I was just 12, I thought myself too old to be buying such things.

That’s when another thought hit me, ‘if not now, when?’ And so what if I was too old? (I obviously wasn’t), I felt it was time to strike this off of my mental bucket list. So I approached my dad in the way I always do when I want something. I said to him,’ Hey dad, come look at this really cool train set.’

He came by, glanced at it, smiled and walked away. Next, I did the same with mom and even added a ‘Isn’t it just perfect?’

She had pretty much the same reaction as dad. I repeated this one or two more times. That was when my mum finally got the hint. ‘Do you want it?’ She asked.

‘I don’t know, I mean.. I’ve always wanted one but…’

‘ If you like it so much just tel dad.’ Mum said.

‘Could you please ask him for me? I feel bad because he’s already buying so much other stuff..’

Next thing I know, I’m sitting in the back of the car, bubbling with excitement and waiting impatiently as we make the seemingly long ride home.

I played with on that day and the day after that, but since then it’s been packed neatly in its box, sad and forgotten… Until today that is!

I’m so glad DPixel picked this theme for our challenge. I can’t describe the childlike joy it gives me to sit on the floor and just watch the train go.


P.s. to be very honest, what I’d always dreamt of was a giant train set that had tunnels and hills and stuff, but I settled on this. One day maybe I’ll find what I have been looking for.

Challenge 9: Something cool

Here’s my something cool:


This is a scene from season nine episode 11 of the tv series, Bones. In this episode, a brilliant physicist loses his daughter and this is his coping mechanism. Agent Booth doesn’t understand how a person could lose so much and have no reaction to it besides just getting back to work. On the other hand, being quite a brilliant mind herself, Dr Brenan understands how the man feels.

    At the end of the episode, she makes a final visit to the physicist’s office to find him working on what you see in the photo.

   As it turns out, it is the narration of her whole life.. in equations! From her crawling to her doing cartwheels (she was a gymnast).

   I have to say, it was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. And pretty cool too!


Challenge 8 : Your Shoes

Yeah I know. I was supposed to post this on Thursday. What can I say, I’ve been busy with Eid and stuff.        Oh and Eid Mubarak everyone! This is what the morning after looks like after a late night Eid gathering: image It’s 2.15 PM and I just got out of bed. I still feel sleepy and one look in the mirror tells me that my face isn’t mine anymore. I really shouldn’t sleep with makeup on. On the upside, I managed to change into my pajamas before crashing, so yay me!    Now about this shoe.. firstly : No, I didn’t sleep with it on. Secondly: where on earth is it’s pair? I mean, I couldn’t possibly have gone to the party with one shoe on, but how is the other not dumped ‘neatly’ in a corner of my room, like this one?    Sigh, I’ll get around to looking for it at some point… Which will probably be when I’m running super late and panicking. Sigh, old habbits. ❤ -War

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