Challenge 11: Something yellow

Evening, here’s my something yellow:


   It’s my copy of the two in one ‘Charlie and the chocolate factory and Charlie and the great glass elevator’.
   As you can see, the cover had to be replaced. I’d like to own up for that but in my defence.. I loved that book. Still do!

   When we were little, my dad used to rent out children’s novels for my brother and I to help us get through the summer. I remember very clearly how he’d come home on the first day with a giant bag of books ranging from Asterix and Obelix to the Goosebumps series and a whole bunch of Roald Dahl books added to the mix. There was some Harry Potter in there too but I was never a fan of those (please don’t shoot.)

I remember spending many a sleepless nights flipping page after page, so captivated by the vivid imagery.

There’s one thing about this particular book that I must say though. I loved the first part, where Charlie has his adventure at the chocolate factory. However, even as a child I wasn’t a big fan of sequels. For some reason, my imagination could allow for chocolate rivers, everlasting gobstoppers and the witty little oompa loompas, but it just wouldn’t accept an elevator full of buttons launching into space. God knows when my brain decided that the line between imagination and just sheer stupidity had been crossed.

In any case I’d give up all my jellybeans to be in Charlie’s place… Cuz I’d just get some more there!

I’m grateful for these beautiful memories, so far this week has been a lovely jog down memory lane.. let’s see what DPixel challenges me to next…



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