Who Am I?

So, since I can’t really write about my self…just don’t have it in me.. I asked my friends to write something instead..

I haven’t edited anything, so please know that there could be exaggerations every now and then… my friends are very generous with compliments :)

Here’s the first one, By @Eternallstar:

your sarcastic humour never fails to bring a smile on any ones face, regardless of their mood. I’m still amazed at how you manage to make new friends so quickly without forgetting the old ones.. no matter how busy you are, always have time to help me, listen to my problems and solve them too.

And about your photography… well what can I say? you see things no one can, and capture them like no one could!

A crazy friend, a patient daughter and a strong person..you’re missed.
Hope your rainy nights,
turn into sunny days.
and i hope you know that i’m always here,
to make you feel okay.
i know sometimes you feel,
like your falling from the sky.
just remember people look up to you,
so flap your wings and fly.and in case you didn’t know this yet,
you’re an angel in disguise.

This one’s by @Yasamand:
    So basically, you’re funny. Your goofy smile scares me. You’re super smart, (thank you for diverting ms bio teachers attention with your comments & questions from me xD) You gave me a wonderful birthday gift, that ALWAYS makes me smile (coz you complimented me in it…A LOT). You’ve got super strength, I could never throw you off the couch. You make yummy food! The garlic bread! yummy stuff. You made me pass bio. You’re the ONLY friend that tolerates me on the phone for hours & doesn’t mind my reaaaally long conversations. You’re also going to offer your medical skills to me for free. (:
And this one, I’m inclined to say, has to be my favourite, By @EatTheMoon
Once upon a time, there was an old couple who lived in a small farmhouse by a long river, that seemed to flow forever. Everyday at noon, the old woman would make some tea and would laze under the shade of the immense cherry blossom tree, while her husband took his daily nap. 

One day, while the old lady was sipping her warm chamomile tea, she noticed something floating in the river far away. It looked round and brightly colored. As it came closer, she began to familiarize it. It was an orange! A giant orange! Shocked, she rose from her chair, hastily put her cup down and walked up to it. Luckily, some rocks prevented the giant orange from drifting further down the river. The old lady touched the orange in a daze. How spectacular! She thought of all the things she can do with this orange: exhibit it and make people pay to take a picture with it, make orange juice out of it and then sell it or take out the seeds and plant many giant orange trees and then sell them. Such a lovely assortment of materialistic thoughts and ideas coming out of an old lady’s mind. She remembered that her husband was still asleep and ran to wake him up, to share with him the marvelous news. He rushed to it and like his wife, touched it gingerly. Excitement engulfed them both like a wave. Suddenly, the orange shook and moved. The old couple were startled. A section of the orange opened and there was smoke everywhere. A silhouette of a small figure approached the old couple. It was a small girl! She had black hair, that grew slightly down her shoulders. She had dark eyes and brown skin. The girl wore a purple t-shirt, short jeans and a wide grin. The most perplexing thing about the girl was the fact that she was holding a flashlight! The old couple looked at each other and it looked like as if they shared a silent conversation with their eyes. They smiled mutually and then looked at the girl. They always wanted children, but they haven’t been so fortunate; she was a gift and an answer to their prayers. They decided that they’d take her in. With the orange of course. They named her Bear of Light and they made loads of marmalade out of the giant orange. 

693 jars of marmalade later, Bear of Light grew up to be a decent young…lady. Her hobbies were making marmalade, yodeling and hanging around with bats. She turned to be a charming person, with a charming personality. However, she started to feel really bored. She wanted to explore the world and it’s people. So she grabbed the camera her parents gave her for her birthday, wore her flashlight around her neck, took her HTC (and charger of course) and grabbed her little laptop (and it’s charger too) and walked out of the door with her mind set on taking over the world. 

Bearer of Light has now been traveling the world for the past couple of months, taking pictures that inspire her and updating her blog every time she finds a Starbucks or coffee shop with Wi-Fi. 

Ze End

Hopefully, more will follow.. but until then, you’re going to have to make do with this =D

2 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. “Bearer of Light” ? – I believe I require royalty as per being the one to bless you with that name.

    But ahh, you sound like the beautiful girl you’ve been described by your friends.

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