Challenge 10: Something ending with the letter ‘Y’

So, my something with a ‘Y’ is a toy…train


There was a time when my parents would buy toys as Eid presents for my cousins and family friends. I remember one Eid when we went to the store, while my parents were too busy looking for gifts, my sister and I were checking out all the cool new toys.

My sister is around 7 years younger than me, and when I saw her begging dad to buy her a new toy car I thought to myself, ‘what a brat’. That’s when my eyes fell on this train set. It had been a dream of mine for quite a while to own one and even though I was just 12, I thought myself too old to be buying such things.

That’s when another thought hit me, ‘if not now, when?’ And so what if I was too old? (I obviously wasn’t), I felt it was time to strike this off of my mental bucket list. So I approached my dad in the way I always do when I want something. I said to him,’ Hey dad, come look at this really cool train set.’

He came by, glanced at it, smiled and walked away. Next, I did the same with mom and even added a ‘Isn’t it just perfect?’

She had pretty much the same reaction as dad. I repeated this one or two more times. That was when my mum finally got the hint. ‘Do you want it?’ She asked.

‘I don’t know, I mean.. I’ve always wanted one but…’

‘ If you like it so much just tel dad.’ Mum said.

‘Could you please ask him for me? I feel bad because he’s already buying so much other stuff..’

Next thing I know, I’m sitting in the back of the car, bubbling with excitement and waiting impatiently as we make the seemingly long ride home.

I played with on that day and the day after that, but since then it’s been packed neatly in its box, sad and forgotten… Until today that is!

I’m so glad DPixel picked this theme for our challenge. I can’t describe the childlike joy it gives me to sit on the floor and just watch the train go.


P.s. to be very honest, what I’d always dreamt of was a giant train set that had tunnels and hills and stuff, but I settled on this. One day maybe I’ll find what I have been looking for.


2 thoughts on “Challenge 10: Something ending with the letter ‘Y’

  1. Pray is another word.. 😛
    Beautiful toy.. I had one similar to it, when I was around 10 years of age but I think it didn’t last long.. 😀

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