Writer’s block?

Hey guys! How long has it been, ten days?

It’s times like these when I’m greatful that my livelihood doesn’t depend on writing. Imagine what would happen if I stopped writing for weeks (as I’ve done with you guys.) I’d probably just starve to death. The only upside would be that I’d finally have something to write about after going through all that.

The thing is, I’m feeling a little uninspired lately. It’s like the happy, creative half of my brain has shut down completely. I’m just going through the motions without seeing the world with the special sight that I’ve developed. Nothing seems magical right now. Everything is just there. I miss seeing the world from my own perspective, from describing it in words nobody else could have strung together.

This whole thing reminds me of the time when I’d become really numb. I’d lost the power to express myself as openly as I used to. I was afraid to show my weakness or tears to anyone at all. I hated how shutting everyone out made me feel, but for some reason I just couldn’t help it. I missed being so open about my emotions. I liked letting people see how I felt. It gave me a sense of strength and growth.

I’m slowly moving past that now. I hope my happy brain will wake up soon and help me see again.



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