Challenge 8: Something old

I know the challenge was something but I went with someone.


A candid shot of one of our doctors. He’s been practicing medicine for no less than thirty years now and each line on that face represents a new memory, a new experience. Sitting in his lecture, listening to him speak, a hint of a smile touches my lips. You see, he isn’t like the younger doctors (young compared to him, but experienced none the less.) He doesn’t just teach us what we need to know in order to get good grades, he shares his experiences with us too.

I wrote a bunch of other cheesy stuff but then decided to let the photograph speak for itself.



Challenge 7: Patterns

   Ever try watching the sunset only to get lost in your thoughts and miss the whole thing anyway? Get lost to the point that you can no longer see or hear anything that’s going on around you?


   Once you get back from lala-land and your mind refocuses to your surroundings, you might (just like me) find yourself staring at at the endless Dubai sharjah traffic.. only to dive back into deep thought, contemplating the horror of having to drive though that traffic again tomorrow. *shivers*

    I remember the time when I thought that driving myself around would be so awesome and freeing.. hah, innocent little me.. if only I knew then what I know now. Or rather, if only I hadn’t pretended to not know what I already knew about the sleep inducingly slow traffic.

    I think I’ve adapted well to it by now though. I’ve managed to create a morning routine which starts with me trying to race my final alarm to get to my car before 6.22 am ( don’t ask.) Then it’s morning duas for twenty minutes followed by radio silence. No seriously, my car’s A/C sounds like an in between radio frequency.. sometimes I can hear it whispering to me.

     By now I’m stuck in really heavy traffic with nothing to do but break- release- break. Clearly I’ve started hallucinating at this point what with all the voices OR I’m ready to fall asleep on the wheel. This is when I bring out my secret weapon… Old music!

      Out come the old Script and John Mayer albums, stuff that I can sing along to. I couldn’t care less about the fact that the neighbouring drivers might think that I’m having a heart attack, what with the singing at the top of my lungs. I’m just trying my best not to nod off. This goes on for about an hour to an hour and a half until I finally reach my destination at 8.30. That’s right folks, TWO HOURS and that’s actually a minimum.

    I bet I’m not the only one though, I mean if I was then there wouldn’t be so much traffic and I wouldn’t be complaining =0

    It scares me how easily complaining comes to us. I want to smack myself for doing it, specially because this isn’t the first time but I just can’t seem to stop!


-War .

Challenge 6: Something blue

For my something blue, I picked this paperweight/globe


     This is one of the shelves in a showcase my dad put together with much care and affection. The glove sets the mood for the pieces surrounding it and together they tell the story of our travels. Mind you, some of this stuff was gifted to us by family and friends but it fits in perfectly. Each piece has it’s own little story.

    The Taj Mahal replica in the centre was probably one of the first pieces from our ‘collection’. My parents bought it when they went to Agra to see the real thing back when they were young and I didn’t exist. I’ve seen plenty of photos of my mum in a pretty red dress flaunting her curly whirly hair, and dad with his totally G shades (I think that’s where I get my G-ness from).

The statues in the back were gifted to us by my uncle when he visited us from Nairobi. To me they symbolize family, love and unity.

The rocking chair in the right is a souvineer from our visit to Chandigarh, Punjab. That trip was really memorable for me. I was at the brink of starting a new journey ( I’d just been accepted into med school) and as far as I knew, it was supposed to be my last relaxing holiday. I still feel the med school stress is a bit overrated, I mean I’m still alive, aren’t I? It was the first time I’d been to a place that smelled so green.. I don’t know why but that’s just not something you expect or even think about before you visit a green land. Or maybe the lack of exposure to such terrain made it all the more striking to my senses.

You can see a bit of a plate with buildings painted on it towards the left. That was a gift from an old friend of dad’s. It shows all the main attractions of London. It’s almost as old as the Taj replica I think.

Then we’ve got the beer flask from Germany, which is another one of my uncle’s gifts from back when he went there a few years ago.

Then moving closer to the foreground we’ve got the Malaysia’s major buildings. This was a gift from my aunt when she came to visit us in the winter. I was meeting her for the second time and just like the first time we met, it felt like we’ve been living together for years. She brought two of my cousins with her and I must say, they inspired me to be a better me. Those guys are just so humble in their ways that I felt like a total brat. It was sop much fun showing them around Dubai. I love to see people’s reactions as they soak in the sights, simply because they don’t have the same effect on us because we live here. It’s so refreshing to see someone appreciate what is truly a work of art.

Finally, the replica of the Kuwait towers. That’s from when we went to visit my uncle in Kuwait. What can I say, we just can’t get enough of each other (yes, this is the same uncle who brought the stuff from Nairobi and Germany). Perhaps I don’t say this enough, or maybe I do but anyway, him and his family are very close to my heart. I think in the absence of my parents, he’d be the first person I’d call for help.

I’m sitting in my bed with a slight smile on my face. Such happy memories. I’m afraid the shell is getting a bit overcrowded and hopefully we have many more adventures yet to come. Wonder where we’ll put the new stuff then….


Day 6: No Pix

Hey guys,

So DPixel isn’t well so no challenge for today. I’ve decided to talk instead.

I spoke with my friend J after a long time last night and she told me she liked the writing part of my posts more than the photographs. I’m not going to lie, I share the sentiment. Also, the fact that I haven’t been trying so hard with the photography makes it even worse. So here I am once again, just talking for the heck of it.

It’s funny, I’m not quite sure what I’d like to talk about today. I think it was easier to write when I had some sort of crazy emotions to deal with because I would just pour my heart out. No wonder all those great writers and poets were so tortured! You need a little spice in your life to get the creative juices flowing.

I’m at such a point in my life right now that I’ve got no complains, more or less no worries and best of all, no drama going on (alhumdulillah). I’m just cruising through life like ‘yeeeaaaahhh’.

It makes me think of high school and how every tiny thing seemed like such big news. Those hours spent on the phone with my best friend mulling over essentially nothing. When you’re in that moment, you can’t imagine that a simpler time will come when you will mature and rise above. At that point you just look back to preschool and think to yourself, ‘ man that was a golden time’.

I don’t want to jinx myself but everything is just so calm it’s almost boring. I miss making a big deal out of things with my friends. At least that meant we would talk on a regular basis. Now it feels like nothing is exciting enough to pick up the phone and make the effort to establish contact. Plus, everyone’s busy doing their own thing.

I’m not sure which world I prefer more, the one where we’re all losing our minds together.. or the one where we’re all happy but far apart.


P.s.this post is dedicated to J. She made me want to write again just by showing interest in my blog.

Day 5 : A flower

Well, flowers aren’t very easy to come by out here so I had to get a little creative. Thanks pix -_-”



Day 4: Something warm

Sharjah… Going from Hot to warm was quite the struggle but we got there. Can’t wait for winter!


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Something starting with an ‘S’

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