Challenge 12: Inside my bag

I’ve been told that I carry an unnecessarily large bag and here’s what’s inside it:


   First, we have my wallet which was a gift from my aunt. I share my uncle’s thoughts on the fact that a wallet should always be a gift. In other words, it’s weird to buy your own wallet. I can’t explain exactly why but it just is.

   Then there’s my student ID, a few books (the purple one was a gift from T) and pens, a pair of sunglasses (also from T), a few USBs and a teabag of herbal tea.

   It’s funny how whenever I try to look for any one of these things in my bag, it takes me a good five minutes, but seeing them spread out so tidily make me realize that they aren’t many. Maybe I should use my eyes instead of trying to find things by touch next time. Yeah, that should do it.




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