Freaked out


Tiny tremors are going through my whole body as I right this.

You must first know that I don’t scare easy. But what I’m about to tell you has me so upset that I can’t concentrate on anything.. so much so that I almost cut my finger with a knife while chopping onions.

Ever since ever, I’ve known that the UAE is one of the safest places on earth. The crime rate is pretty damn low out here, or that’s what I always thought. Because I was born and raised here, this is my home and the fact that my home is probably not as safe as I thought has shaken me quite a bit.

Here’s what happened. At a hospital in Abu Dhabi, the capital city, a doctor (urologist) was killed by his patient. The doctor had been treating this patient for about three months and his treatment was going well, according to the other doctors. One day, when that patient came for his appointment with the doctor, he took out a knife and stabbed him with it. Just like that, it was all over.

The doctor’s wife still has no clue about the details.. she doesn’t know that it was a murder. They used to live in the apartments above the hospital in the same building, like all the doctors working at that hospital… and none of his colleagues have the heart to tell her what truly happened.

Sigh.. it’s crazy! And the fact that one day I too will be a practicing doctor…. makes it all worse..

Is my intention of saving other people’s lives going to be a constant threat to my own?




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