On my way up to my apartment the other day (I took the stairs… All 13 floors… Not THAT’s some exercise >.<) I happened to pass by this:

When we were kids and vandalism was not something we gave much thought to, my friends and I wrote our names on the stairway wall.

You can see 5 names up there, two of which are the same. It isn’t because one of us is a narcissist, it’s because two from the five of us had the same first name. It’s funny how we all shared the same last name too… (None of us are related to each other.)

It brought back a lit of bitter-sweet memories. I was probably in second or third grade back then and the girl who I was closest to from the whole gang was about two years older than me. We were kinda close, but that’s not the point.

Because of the age difference (doesn’t seem much now, but I guess she was too mature for her age…back then.. Kids now are just scary.) I was always a sponge of a kid. I used to pick up random habits of the people around me and mimic them. For me, a few hours was long enough for me to start talking like, walking like and ever wearing my hair like the person I had hung out with.

It was different with this friend though…in some ways.. She was treated like the youngest kid, although she had a brother about my age. Which was somewhat the same for me, until my sister was born. Except I WAS the youngest. She was the pseudo-youngest..

So anyhow, although I was the most favored one in the house, she was downright spoilt! So much so that she treated her mom like trash… Her dad on the other hand was her favorite person in the world. She refused to eat any of her meals unless her dad sat with her and fed her spoon by spoon, which was kinda cute.

What I learned from hanging out with her was:

a) Appreciate your parents and their love… Don’t take it for granted

b) Be nice

c) Be obedient.

How did I come up with this crazy list? It’s simple. She really did take her parents for granted, specially her mother. I remember cringing whenever I heard her talk back at them. I’ve had a different kind of upbringing. There’s endless love, but the second you’re out of line, there is a price to pay. And although it may not seem ‘fair’ at the time, I get it now. It’s very important to have that sort of disciplined. I can’t even begin to tell you what things I’ve gotten past just because of my good manners.

Her dad passed away a few years after we became friends (I’m not very good with dates..just events.) And because he was the one person who could somewhat keep her under control, she went absolutely berserk. Her mum really struggled to raise her after that… Eventually we drifted apart and now she doesn’t live here anymore. I honestly do hope she finds her way.


I don’t know if I can say whether we were close or not, even though we hung for about 3-4 years. Guess everyone who crosses your path leaves a mark in your life. And I’m not just talking about her. Maybe tomorrow I’ll tell you about the old man I met for 3 seconds. I don’t think I will ever forget his face.

On the morrow.




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