Let’s call this post #1 of my next 365.. I think I still want to call it my photoblog, although we all know better. Guess I’ll posts photos here when I come up with something. But until then, I think I’m just going to post random stuff that happens everyday.

This afternoon, on my way back home from uni, I saw a giant cloud of smoke by the horizon. We were headed in that general direction (going from Dubai to Sharjah) and as our journey progressed, it became clearer and clearer that the smoke was coming from somewhere close to the main city.

Just as I thought that, my imagination ran wild. I wondered if my building was on fire, and why anyone hadn’t called me (I assumed they were too busy saving the important stuff). Then I wondered about what I would do if all my clothes burned down. I mentally calculated how much money I had on me just then, and cursed myself for buying books today. Then I started thinking that I would have to stay somewhere if our home burned down. And so I made a list of people I could possibly turn to…

After much argument in my head, I decided that it would have to be family and not friends.. don’t ask me what the criteria was and how who met it.

At some point on our way, we passed by the graveyard as we always do, and I turned and said the dua like every other day, only to find that the source of the smoke was just beyond it. Call me Immoral but the first thing that came head was, ‘damn, buried and cremated’ :$

So yeah… those were my awkward thoughts of the day…

Which reminds me, have you ever said ‘well this is awkward’ out loud? Try it… it’s really…. awkward *insert awkward turtle here*

In case u were wondering, I actually have. Ended up making a good friend because of it, so it’s all good XD

Cya tomorrow.




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