I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned before that Coconut has shifted to another country. I mean, you guys saw the photos from the bridal shower yeah (bunch of candles in a room and loads of yummy food).

Well she’s absatively posalutely gone now. She just told me that she has been accepted at a great medical school back there…and although I’m happy for her…SHE SUCKS!

I know it’s been a tough choice for her and I would want to be the last person to make it any worse but… sdkjfhadsknuthawlitagclieygt.

Anyhow… Here’s what uni is like these days:

Me saying teasing a friend of mine and saying ‘Because sharing…..’ and not hearing Coconut complete my sentence by saying ‘..Is caring!’ And then telling the other person that they suck because they I have to finish my own sentence and that they can’t be awesome like Coconut.

Next, me drawing random squiggly lines all over an empty page and coloring the tiny spaces during the community med. lecture, as was our own little ‘ritual’ in first year. Then stopping and saying to the person sitting next to me: Sigh… Coconut and I used to do this together… I really miss her.

Then, Nad asked me for whiteout. I fished into my bag for some and when I pulled my hand out…my face fell. I turned to Nad and said, ‘Coconut bought me that whiteout in the finals’ (Cuz I asked her to remind me to get myself some and she FORGOT so she got me some herself =’) ). Nad asked for whiteout again today, and it got over. so we got this random idea to kill it with my new swiss knife. It was actually quite fun (Except for the smell that Nad liked and I didn’t >.<). When we were done, she said ‘Awh, we killed the whiteout Coconut gave you =(‘ Both of us: ‘Damn we miss her so much… She sucks’

More often than not, we’re talking about all the fun stuff we did last year, and every single one of those incidents involved Coconut. By the end of those very short trips down memory lane (1 year into the past) this is all of us:  ‘Sigh…Coconut…miss her so much’

Guess what? I was singing ‘Call me maybe’ one of these days, and I turned and told Nad that I had never heard the original song, but only a cover of it which I found awesome and that Coconut left without actually hearing the version that I like… Which makes a weird statement about my choice in music =\

THEN I was drawing honeycombs on the desk (a very bad as well as weird habit) and again, my face fell because I thought to myself, ‘Awh, Coconut would always sit beside me and laugh at my stupid fetish >.< ‘

Yeah, I think I’m done…  If any one of us were to tell Coconut about exactly how many times a day we say that we miss her with deep deep sighs, she wouldn’t believe us. I mean, It’s just something that you say over the phone and it’s gone with the wind. Which is why I had to put it in ‘Black and White’ .

We REALLY REALLY miss you coconut! =”(

There’s really no other way of putting it.


P.S. I’ve heard quite a few people (including Coconut) say that we’ll all soon forget about her and move on, as will she. Well we’ll see when soon comes. For now, This is what it’s like.




2 thoughts on “WHY?!

  1. Coconut misses all of you terribly

    I don’t know if I’m feeling like this – :’) cuz I had such an amazing time with all you amazing people
    Or like this – 😥

    Sometimes its hard to say what you want to say in words
    If that even makes sense :p

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