If you’ve read my last few posts, you probably already know that I was meant to travel to Kuwait for Eid, Yeah?

I’ve been here for a few days now, and I’m loving it!

I’m staying with my uncle’s family here. Day one here brought the words ‘my true family’ to my lips. I mean, I have my nuclear family, which I think I take for granted (I wish I didn’t), but this feeling is different. I love these people here. I could do practically anything for them. I’d like them to know that, and also know that I say it with complete sincerity.

So anyhow, I’ve been around and about the city and taken a few pics for you to see. Kuwait is almost the same as the U.A.E.. It’s a desert turned into a high-tech city, so much so that you barely ever get to see the desert. I always think about how even though these countries have got all the latest technologies, great business opportunities and are literally touching the sky with their achievements, that they still are developing countries. I mean, it isn’t like no one lived here before, but the point at which they became independent isn’t very long ago. So what I’m saying is that they’re still in the growing stage as individual countries.

I don’t know why but I like pointing out the fact that just like the UAE, Kuwait is built along the North-East coast of the Arabian Peninsula. It’s the smallest country in the world in terms of area, but it’s cool anyway =)

The point of saying that is was built by the coast is that these arabs were mostly pearl divers and fishermen, and that was how they lived. They traded their goods for those of the people who passed the area along the Mesopotamia and India trade route. I do love to see how they’ve grown inwards from the shore… It reminds me of what they were and what they’ve become.

Now that you’ve had that little history lesson, here’s the photos that I promised..

The Kuwait Towers

The towers, as you can see are three in number. The bottom of the tallest one is a giant water tank. The monument was made as part of the water distribution project…just a little easier on the eyes than normal tanks. The higher dome on dome on top of the tallest tower consists of a revolving restaurant fit for about 90 people.

These towers are made of  approximately 41 000 enamelled steel discs cover the three spheres in eight shades of blue, green and gray, recalling the tiled domes of historic mosques. The discs are arranged in spiral patterns around the spheres. According to the architect, the Kuwait Tower group refers to ideals of humanity and technology, symbolised by the globe and the rocket.

Kuwaiti money has the Kuwait towers printed on them

The Manhattan of Kuwait

the main building in focus here is obviously the tall dark one witht he spooky blue lights. You should see it, the lighting is so cool. It moves down the building in a ripple effect… =)

The rest of ‘Manhattan’

Open Mall

Another mall, not so open

Random Building

So I took these to show you guys the lovely traditional architecture that the Kuwaitis have stuck to. Even though there are about 4 luxury cars parked outside the place XP

Water fountain

This is a water fountain made in the shape of a traditional arabic door. The fountains are open to anyone and everyone. It’s an act of sadaqah jariya (Continuous Alms/Charity) to provide such water supply for travellers. This means that even after the person who had it built dies, as long as people are drinking from it, he will get rewards from Allah.

That’s basically all the postable pictures I’ve got.




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