I know I’ve hinted at you guys that I wanted to be an engineer once upon a time. Make no mistake though, I’ve realised that medicine is the thing for me.

Well let me take you back to school with me. During my last year of school (Grade 12 or AS Level), I did a looooot of crazy things and was hyper pretty much all the time. Anything and everything gave me a crazy idea..

So one day, my friend walked into school with a really cool necklace on her…. It was basically a miniature skateboard hanging off a chain. After playing around with it for a few classes, I got a (what at that point seemed like) a GENIUS Idea! I decided that we’d make a ramp for this tiny thing!

Here’s what the skateboard looked like…too bad I didn’t take a proper pic of it =/


So we looked around school for some poster paper, some tape, some string to hold up the ramp and we used a few cushions, tables and chairs for support. Umm… We ended up using wired from the physics lab and wire cutters instead of scissors…Oh and we also borrowed a few magnets that would act as dominoes for us….me…crazy we are.

We took one of the cubicles n our common room. Most of the work was done by my Co~Queen, Nimi and myself. I said most..not all cuz I’m not sure and I can only see the three of us in the videos that I took XP

So here’s what the room looked like at some point while we were working on building the ramp..

Pretty messy eh? Lol, you can see the tape hanging off the random computer table and my hoodie hanging off a pile of chairs….

I don’t have any photos as such of the whole process because I was busy working…and the pictures that I do have aren’t postable.  So let’s just get right to the final piece. You must know though that there were a lot of variations and this is the first ‘final’ ramp…Like I said, not many postable pix

The Beginning

The pseudo-middle

The not-so-pseudo middle



Well.. It was the end at some point.

At one time, we had this giant tunnel made of the hugest Patchi (Chocolatiers) bag you could possibly find. At another, there was a weird box which the skateboard had to go through…right in the middle of nowhere… fun stuff

All this was done while we made fun of the rest of our friends who had class for three hours back to back while we were chilling and just having fun XD

That day I went so crazy I was dancing to some random music playing in mt head! I went around lisping ideas around the lollipop I was eating… Need it for thinking XP

Good times. Miss em =\







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