Now You See It….

Summer in the UAE is pretty easy to describe. The sunlight beats down on you head with not a single cloud to save you and it’s hot enough to fry an egg on the pavement.

Which  is why, everyone starts looking up at the sky when they see a tiny cloud floating by…and they’re reminded of what time in the year it is and how likely it is to rain now…  HIGHLY unlikely.

So this evening, when we were all bust in the kitchen preparing food for iftar which takes place at sunset, it suddenly felt as though it was getting too dark too soon and we might not be ready with all the stuff.

Out of curiosity, I looked out to find a giant grey cloud hanging in the sky. Or well, it seemed like a cloud at first, but if you took a second to really look at it, you’d see that it was smoke..Go figure.

So I stepped out into the balcony with my dad, to check out the source of all that smoke. We could see that quite far into the next city was where the smoke was coming from. There hasn’t been any news about it yet but it looks terrible…Hope no one got hurt.. =\

If nothing else, the fire made the weather worse… So much pollution! Oh Lord, what are we going to DO? I mean, no one plans a fire to break out, but the materials used to build burn giving off enough carbon to choke the whole country (figuratively of course..)

Here’s what it looked like… I feel a little bad for putting up these photos.. I mean, who knows what a tragedy it was for the people present there and around the place, and here I am, snapping pictures with my camera in the safety of my home…

The Source

Smoke Town

Darkness Prevails

And It Just Keeps On Going

My heart goes out to anyone who was hurt in any way because of this accident.







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