And Again

As annual festivals go, it’s time for Eid again!

I told you in my post conveniently titled ‘Eid!‘ (go ahead, refresh your memory before I continue), about what Eid day is like for me and my family. Well this time, I’m travelling!!!

I’m going to visit my uncle’s family in Kuwait with my mum and sister. I’d continue to say ‘this Eid holiday’, but then again, it’s summer anyway and I don’t want to get tangled up in the technicalities.

Like every year, my mom has made the traditional vermicelli dessert. I’m going to show you a behind the scenes view this time around though XD

Here’s what dry vermicelli looks like.. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it..

They make giant noodles of it and then dry it out nd break it down, but anyway, this is what it looks like before cooking.

Now, get ready to be amazed (I think it’s pretty amazing anyway..). Here’s what she makes it in..



Okay, It’s bigger than it me! It can hold about ten liters of water..more or less (more than less).

I would have showed you the actual cooking process but I was busy preparing the mean with which we were to break our fast on the day.. It’s still Ramadan remember?

HOOOO MY! I can’t WAIT! only about 4-5 days of Ramadan left. And as many days before we leave!

I don’t think I’ve ever been anywhere but home for Eid (after growing up that is). Plus, I thought that since I’m in med school now and barely have any holidays, I won’t be able to travel anywhere for a while…Guess I was wrong eh? Glad I was =)

Sigh, have such mixed feelings about this visit though… Oh heart, please loosen up a bit..




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