Up To No Good

For once I’m not talking about myself (in reference to the title). Today, I’m going to tell you about the evil little elves that work at Baskin Robbins!

Those devious little people watch us as we walk in through the door, and secretly follow us around the freezer as we try to choose what ice cream we’d like to buy. The watch very carefully as we find our favorite flavors and write it down with their little magical pens…

Why would they do that?

Well to make sure that those flavors aren’t available next time we come, of course!

My dad used to love BR because they had his favorite flavor perfectly nailed to the last pecan nut. That’s right, he’s a Butter Pecan fan.

So every time we went to BR, my dad would ask for the one and only ‘Old Fashioned Butter Pecan’ And every time the guy behind the freezer would say, ‘sorry sir, they haven’t restocked it for the past ___ months.’

My dad isn’t all that unreasonable, so he decided to find a new favorite, only to find that it had been discontinued after a few weeks! What is this BLASPHEMY?

So guys, here’s to everyone who never finds their favorite ice cream… Hang in there.




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