At this point in time, I’m a young adult with seemingly my whole life ahead of me. I’m planning my future (not too far though.. I was never good at that..), I’m thinking about living, seeing new places, gaining new experiences. If I’m not too careful, I might even start thinking that I’m invincible.

At this point in time, I can’t imagine just sitting in a dark corner and contemplating life. I’m all about doing things right now.

Isn’t that right?

But something got me thinking.. How is it that people make that transition from loud and bubbly to quiet to serene? What makes them want to sit on a rocking chair all day and just think. I mean, that’s what I hope they’re doing, and not staring blankly into nowhere.. Because that would be a waste of time..wouldn’t it?

You hear loads of old people, talking about their regrets, what they should or shouldn’t have said or done and how they wish they could relive certain days. What’s the point of regretting it when it’s all done and enough time has passed that nothing can be done about it? This made me think that we need to take out time to just st down and think NOW. I mean, if I made a mistake yesterday, and realized it today, I’ve still got time to correct myself.

So basically what I’m trying to say (I think) is that take some time out in the now, and just think about what’s going on. Sit by yourself and make a list of things that you did wrong today and need to put right tomorrow. Plan both the near and far future (far is harder since it’s pretty much uncertain) now, rather than crying over it when you’ve got no time left. Try and do things correctly now so that you don’t have to wish a do over when you grow old. But always remember, to err is human and some things just happen. In such cases, it s good enough to recognize what you’ve done wrong and repent.

Think about it. Take care.




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