Late Night Endeavors

So since it’s not only our summer holidays but also Ramadan, us kids tend to stay up all night, Reciting the Quran for the most part. But you can only do that for so long until you get tired or hungry.

So a few nights ago, my sister and I looked up a recipe for brownies (a first for both of us) and when we found the perfect one for us ( prefect because in included Hershey’s cookies ‘n’ cream XP) we decided that it’s time we did some baking.

My mum left the kitchen to us, to do whatever we liked, which was freaky cuz this was my first brownie baking ordeal but it was kinda liberating too =)

So we put together all the ingredients..

And got cracking!

We made a few mistakes along the way *cough cough* but at the end it turned out DIVINE!

Sadly, this s all that was left of it by the time I remembered that I should probably take a photo of it..


That’s right, you’re looking at the last two pieces of that delicious stuff.

It was loads of fun baking with my kid sister. My mum pointed out to me today that these little things are extremely precious, and it may be that we might not even be together next summer, so we should enjoy everything we do now to its fullest and make good use of our time together.

This summer I’ve finally hung with my sister long enough to understand how to work with her and see her as a kid and not an equal. It really helps. I mean, there are the occasional quarrels every now and then, but that’s normal.

I’m really glad we’ve finally figured things out.

Love you kiddo.




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