I got to see my Co~Queen after more than six months last night… Words can NOT describe how ecstatic I was to see her, and I’m pretty sure her expression mirrored my own.

My Co~Queen and I (together we rule the world, hence the royal status) have a funny relationship. If you call us friends, you’re making the understatement of the millennium. We both cave crazy mood swings and there are times when we don’t talk to each other for weeks at a stretch. That doesn’t change anything though. The second I hear her voice, no matter how long it’s been, I find myself pouring my heart out to her, and we start exactly where we left off. This could be why when we do talk, it’s for a minimum of 3 hours….XP

I still remember the time when she joined our school. I hung around with her in the beginning, and convinced my friends that she was cool and that we should hang with her. That was in ninth grade. Now? Every single one of them can relate to her in one way or another.

Around grade 10 (possibly the best school year) we became much closer, I think we were pretty close by the end of grade 9? Can’t remember…I never was very good at history XP.. Anyhow, Her Birthday always comes during our summer vacation, so when we all met again on the first day of grade ten, I gave her a birthday present. Now before I tell you what it was, you must know that she’s allergic to pink and she’s pretty far from girly. I mean, she isn’t a tom boy, but just not all ‘tee-hee-hee’, if you catch my drift.

So anyway, that year, I gave her a lime green Winnie the Pooh card which sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to her whenever she opened it, and a pink perfume. We were all in our form room when I gave her her present. She went for the card first, and I think she jumped a little and then cringed as it sang away and the people around started staring at us…Oh what a day that was… I wish I’d videotaped her reaction.. No worries, this is one of those things that I’ll never forget.

Anyhow, this Co~Queen of mine, who has been with me through thick and thin, through ‘Fool’ and Voltage….Good Times

Oh, and Ramadan is our time. We tend to stay up all night on the phone until it’s time for suhoor, and only then do we get unglued from the phone.

In case you’re wondering what we talk about, well it can be absolutely anything from Random RANDOM daydreaming to planning our lives (I’m not so good at that…I just like to live it day by day and deal with whatever comes my way as it comes).

Now for the fun part. My Co~Queen has been putting together my Birthday gifts for a while now (I feel kinda guilty bout that…she’s buried me in gratitude). And so she gave it all to me last night, let’s take a look…

Let’s start with the Pink attack. Before we do, you must know that I myself am not a very big fan of all things pink and fluffy… So this was her revenge..

Here we have a pink body spray, pink lotion, pink shower gel, pink shower puff and of course a pink photo frame. Too many pinks in one sentence if you ask me…

Along with that we have a pair of 3D glasses, for all the movies we couldn’t watch together, an eyeliner (She had no clue but she actually got me the one I love AND I just used up the last of it 0.0). The red pouch at the back is now my handy bag in which I can keep my swisss knife (I’ll tell you the story bout that in a sec), my new eyeliner, my lip balm AND the mirror she cut out for me and stuck on a card..I don’t think Imma tell you what the card says…I’d like to keep that between her and myself ❤

Now, about that Swiss knife. she gave me one last year (last academic year). What you see in the top right corner of this pic is not the one she gave me that day. That’s because When I was at the airport, on my way back here, I forgot to put the knife in my luggage, and it got confiscated. Now I’m no sadist, I only keep it for its handiness and I can’t live without having one with me at all times. It really killed me to have lost the knife, it had EVERYTHING in was the prettiest of its kind… I almost cried on my flight.. actually, I think I may have shed a tear or two.. So when I got back here, I told her about the tragedy. Yesterday, when she handed me a box which was almost an exact replica of the one in which she’d given me the knife last year, I told her that it reminded me of something, and that I’d cry if I had to think about it. and before you know it, I had another one of the AWESOMEST Swiss knives on EARTH! Oh my…You can’t even begin to imagine how thrilled I was…DFGSRBTITULYRILU!!! Clearly still am XD

Now as you can see, there is a camera lens in that basket… Jealous? You should be, except let me give you a better look of the lens

It looks so REAL, be do not be fooled! It’s actually a coffee mug!

Now I’m not a very big fan of coffee, whereas my Co~Queen is the ultimate coffee lover, so she said that this was a bit of me and a bit of her…I absolutely LOVE it!

And then there’s my first key chain, with my first initial in the front and hers on the back..

And last but not least, a super-cheesy letter to sum up all that is US…<3

(seen here inside my memory box)

Oh and I’m sure you can see the bats in this pic. She cut them out herself. You can only see one of the smaller ones and the largest one here, but there was one on almost everything.

Here’s an overview, to sum it all up..

If you’d like to tell me I’m the luckiest person on earth, I already know =D

I mean  look at me, I’ve got the most awesome Co~Queen AND the Awesomest things anyone could ever own.. beat that!

Love you forever after Neat Butts.. A thousand words just for you XD




2 thoughts on “Promises

  1. You should see my face right now! My eyes are twinkling with glee, cheeks puffed out with joy, a smile stretched with mirth, & the goofiest expression you can ever picture!
    & to everyone who is not B.O.L. the minute I saw her this is how I reacted: I jumped out of my place, hugged her & wouldn’t let go, all the while manically whispering “holyshit!holyshit!holyshit!”
    I love you forever more my crazy co queen!!
    Forever was never meant for any epic friendship other than ours!

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