The Light

Okay, so I haven’t really picked up my camera today, so instead I’m going to paint a mental picture for you, so clear whatever thoughts you have in your head right now, so that I have an empty canvas to work on….

you’re sitting at the doorsteps of your house. It’s the kind of day when you just want to sit and stare into outer space. There’s a lazy breeze blowing by, making the trees look like they’re slow dancing to an unheard melody. The sun is emitting warm and welcoming light, the kind that reminds you of you mother’s hugs.

So you decide to take a stroll in this beautiful weather, with no destination in mind and no deadline to meet. You pass by your neighbor’s house, and on this wonderful day, even their crazy dog that never stops barking seems to be in his own little world, sitting calmly and wagging its little tail back and forth.

You keep walking until you get to a bus stop. You’ve been walking for long enough that you decide that now would be a good time to rest for a while. So you sit down on the bench and watch as people come by, line up and get into their buses.

It feels like as though the whole world is rushing past you. You wonder why these people haven’t stopped and looked at the beauty around them. How the birds chirp with happiness as the  float around in the air, as though celebrating the beginning of a new day, and how all the flowers turn to face the sun, you can never see the change if you watch them for a long time, but if you look at them and look away for a while then look back, you’ll find that they’ve turned towards the sun, as though wishing that they could some day be all the way up there, rather than down here on earth.

You’ve been sitting there for a while now, and seeing everyone in such a hurry makes you wonder whether you are meant to be doing something too. You start thinking about why you seemingly have so much time and they don’t..

You start walking back home as the sun creeps closer to the horizon. The coming sunset has a weird sense of finality to it, as though it will never come again.

You’ve finally reached your house once more, and everything looks exactly like how you left it. You walk up the stairs and just when you are about to touch the doorknob, someone taps your shoulder from behind. You turn around to find a kind looking man, holding his hand out to you. You shake his hand but doesn’t let go. You start feeling uncomfortable and try pulling your hand back. That’s when you see that man has an otherworldly glow radiating from within him. The light starts to get brighter and brighter until the man seems to be completely consumed by it. You have no idea what’s going on. You look down at your hand and it has started glowing too! You start pulling your hand back frantically, and before you know it, the light starts growing up your arm and starts to cover you too…. You can now see nothing but the bright light…




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