It’s That Time of The Year

It’s Ramadan! Ramadan is a month in the Islamic calendar during which Muslims fast from dawn to dusk. This fast is not about not eating, it’s much more than that. It’s about self-control and obedience.

As any normal day, we are supposed to follow the teachings of our Beloved Prophet Mohammed and the Word of Allah, The Holy Qur’an. Except now we try to take extra care about how we go about our day. We try our best not to get angry at small things, be nice to everyone and spend more of our time in Ibadah (worship). The best part is that the reward which you get for doing a single good deed in Ramadan is 70 times more than on any day in any other month.

Abu Hurairah reported that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “He who fasts in Ramadan due to Iman (faith) and hoping for reward from Allah then his previous sins are forgiven.”

The Qur’an says, “Whoever seeks the rewards of the Hereafter, we multiply the rewards for him. And whoever seeks the materials of this world, we give him there from, then he receives no share in the Hereafter.” [Ash-Shura, 42:20]

So yeah, it’s pretty much a win-win for those who try =)

Now, I’d like to tell you guys about what a day in Ramadan is like for me..

Let’s start with Suhur. Suhur is the pre-dawn meal that a person with the intention to fast should have. The time for Suhur ends when it is time for the Fajr prayer ( the first of the five daily prayers offered by Muslims. The word Fajr Literally means dawn in Arabic. ). We usually have what would normally be a heavy breakfast. Then we pray Fajr and we go to sleep.

We wake up somewhere between 9am-12pm (it’s cuz we’ve been up all night….) And reciting the Holy Qur’an is how the day goes, with of course a little work around the house (not too much, specially because it’s summer and the days are really long.. But then again, that’s part of fasting, being able to control ourselves.)

It’s the same all the way until 2  hours before Iftar. Iftar is basically the meal that we have with which we break our fasts. So 2 hours before Iftar, everyone walks into the kitchen and gets to work. everyone including my sister have a part in the Iftar prep. For example, dad makes the lemonade, my brother sets the table and my sister helps me with everything that won’t burn her, i.e prepping pizzas,  sandwiches etc. I take care of all the baking and my mum takes care of everything stove related.

So basically, this is what the fridge looks like during Ramadan..

As you can see, all we’ve got in there is dates and other random stuff. What’s missing? Leftovers!

That’s right, there are usually no leftovers because the stuff that we make for Iftar is just enough for everyone and doesn’t live to see another day

On the other hand, here’s what our little pantry looks like..

What this pretty much means is that during Ramadan, we make things from scratch and by the end of it all…there’s nothing left.

Anyhow, after Iftar, we Pray Maghrib, which is the salah prayed after the sunset.

Then we have some time to relax. This is usually the time when mom sits with her warm cup of tea and everyone sort of sits and digests their food like snakes (just not for as long XP)

Then It’s time for Isha prayer followed by Tarawih which is not a compulsory prayer but most Muslims pray it as it was a Sunnah of the Prophet and you get more reward for praying more =)

 My dad and brother pray Tarawih at the Mosque, whereas mum and I pray at home, except in the last ten days of Ramadan (Imma explain that when the time comes, DW)

Usually dad goes to bed when he get’s back (sometimes after a light dinner) but the rest of us stay up all night… It’s a Ramadan thing.

And then it’s time for Suhoor again!

Oh I almost forgot! Our neighbors often send us stuff that they’ve prepared for Iftar, as do we. So we get to try loads of new things now more than ever.

Yeah, I think that’s all for now.. =P

Ramadan Kareem =)




2 thoughts on “It’s That Time of The Year

  1. Ramadan began today in South Africa and the girls go to school on Saturdays (though it’s a shorter day) and by the time they took a break at 11.30 all they could talk about was food..! I’m sure by now they’re counting down the hours… 😉

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