A Bit Too Early

This is why I make sure that the curtains are shut tight before going to bed…

I mean, when you go to bed at 4 in the morning the last thing you want is to sleep in until at least 12 in the day… Right? Well, I know I do..

This is exactly why I never leave my nigh-time preps on anyone else. I am quite particular about my sleeping ‘conditions’. The door should be shut all the way, there should be no light in the room, the curtains sealed tight, the computer should be turned off (no noise). Oh and there shouldn’t be any disturbance like my sister shaking her leg…

You’re probably thinking, Crazy much? But it is what it is…

So last night, I was dead tired because I was busy prepping for Ramadan by making samosas which we would freeze and then use whenever needed, (Ramadan is the Holy month when Muslims fast from dawn to dusk. There are a lot of morals tied into these fasts. They are meant to teach us to be patient, to control our urges and to learn how tho other half lives). I went to bed as soon as I was done, barely able to put the stuff away, and so I asked my sister to shut the lights, the curtains and switch off the computer blah-di-blah.

This morning, at about 7.30 am, I felt like something was trying to burn right through my eyelids, and I was momentarily blinded when I opened my eyes to the sunlight coming through that crack between the curtains.

Sounds quite exaggerated doesn’t it? but believe me, that is exactly how I felt… Lucky for my sister, she wasn’t sleeping in my room..or else……. Da Da Da DUM

Hope you guys had a better morning XP


P.S. i just rolled over and went back to sleep XD


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