Pseudo Bridal Shower

Did I tell you guys about how we made up this story about coconut leaving us to get married?

It was a lie of course. It was already hard for her to decide whether or not to go, she didn’t need the whole world making it worse by reminding her about it every other second. We did tell everyone later on that it wasn’t true though.

So anyhow, we decided to throw her a bridal shower instead of a farewell party XP

We got her a giant card with pictures of her family and all of us on it, and wrote cheesy ‘live your life before it ends’ kinda stuff, we planned to order traditional food but that didn’t work out because of the stupid delivery guy so we ended up  ordering Texas chicken, we got her to wear a very ‘bride-like’ scarf and some henna too. Oh and let’s not forget the room we decorated with candles ❤

Here’s a few pix from the day..

Oh I totally forgot to mention the part where Nid set fire to her pen and is started melting all over the Foosball table! lol

I think I missed out the part where I was going crazy about not being able to pull it off and practically exploded with stress… But all’s well that ends well, innit?

Was a great day… Will miss you coconut </3


P.S. I just realised…all of my posts mention her…lol


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