Roller Coaster

Guess what? It’s already been a year of med school! and I SURVIVED (for the most part)!! Yay Me!!

Moving on to a more important subject, it’s coconut’s birthday today!!!

You might know her as my PIC (partner in crime) from my previous blog posts. We hung about doing crazy stuff all year round, and I must say, she really did make med school worth living =)

Our ‘relationship’ if you will, has been quite interesting.. Much like a roller coaster ride. We hit it off pretty well in the beginning. I’m sure you’ve heard that crises ten to bring people closer. Well, somewhere in the early stages of our friendship, we missed our busses because we were too busy writing random stuff on the board, and that kinda sorta did it for us =D

As time passed, we got closer, until there came a point where I stopped watching what I was saying. I tend to say things without thinking when I’m around friends, and a few of those things got to her. So I decided to take care and watch my mouth…which kinda sorta took us apart..just a bit.. Because I can’t watch myself if I become too comfortable.

So anyway, Coconut told us one day that she just MIGHT be leaving us, and shifting to her home country. It didn’t really hit me then, I mean, I hand’t thought that it was possible…

At some point, everyone started questioning her about why she was moving, so we just decided to make a big joke out of it instead of her having to explain the details to every other person…. We kinda told people that she was going to got married…the reactions were honestly PRICELESS.

I remember promising myself that I would try my best not to be one of those people who would put her in a tougher position by begging her to stay. I already know that it’s a tough decision for her, whether to leave or to stay. I just made sure that she knows that I love her =)

So anyway, we had a little party today, and both her and i were on a sugar rush. We were all singing at the top of our lungs while a presentation was about to begin in the next room….totally not pretty >.<

So we decided to pack up and attend the presentation, and let me tell you, it took all my power of will not to jump up and down! Plus, we were all so high that the presentation (all rapidly moving circles or something) made us sick… Lucky none of us threw up… Blegh

All in all, it was a good day, I honestly hope we didn’t make it harder for her… It is an extremely important decision after all..

Yummiest cake ever! N and I chose it….I practically ate half of it on my own…hence the sugar rush

AND the girls at the dorms made her super yummy cake too, and Eff made her an APPLE PIIEEEE!!!

Love you forever coconut.. =)




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