Why don’t you listen?

The year I was in grade ten, one of my closest friends left school. I had honestly lost my smile for a while then…

So, I went into this mode of deep thought.. and would write any of my spontaneous ideas down on the closest ‘writable’ surface.

This is a photograph of a wall on one side of my building. I clearly remember that day. It was around a month into grade ten and I was waiting for my bus. I was thinking about random stuff, as I tend to do when I’m all alone. that’s when I came up with ‘Live, and let live’. A lot of things were bothering me at the time, and I just wanted everyone to back off and let me sort things out.

So, having a golden marker in handy, I inscribed those words onto the wall..along with the date and my signature.

I went around there a few weeks ago, and found that someone had tried very hard to clean it off… but some of it still remained.. lol

I tried to enhance it so that some of the writing would show..but you can only make out the ‘live’ I think

No matter what went down, it still makes me smile =)




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