What I look like to you


The past weeks have been quite busy and I think something in me finally snapped… maybe even snapped back into place?

I used to be very loud, very crazy nd full of random ideas back in school. Then, when I joined uni last September,I became very quiet (comparatively), very reserved and other things along the same lines.

As the final exams are coming at us head on, I think the pressure has done something to my head.. I go about singing nursery rhymes at the top of my lungs in the corridors at uni, and jump about like I’m on a sugar rush.

Not that I’m complaining! In fact, my friends at uni tell me that THIS is the b.o.l. who they would love to be friends with. Makes me wonder what it was before that XS

Anyhow, the pic shows Mary’s interpretation of my ‘highness’

She says that being around me feels like a volcano is about to erupt, and that I seem as happy as a bear can be when it gets honey AND I seem to be over the moon. Lol

It helps in coping with everything =]




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