Growing Wings

It’s my friend Annie’s 18th birthday today!

Most have us have chosen our paths, or had them chosen for us already, but she is one of the very few who decided to stay at school and complete her A Levels.

She’s at that point in her life, where her wings are slowly starting to grow out of their tiny buds, as she looks around her comfortable little nest and eyes all the opportunities that lie before her.

She’s slowly getting ready to embrace the world, and all things that come with becoming an adult. She has to make a very important decision now, of what she would like to study as part of her higher education.

Soon enough, she will have to part with everything comfortable and familiar and step into the real world.

LOOOOOL! Don’t worry Annie, it won’t be all that bad, as Mayer says,

I wanna run through the halls of my high school
I wanna scream at the
Top of my lungs
I just found out there’s no such thing as the real world
just a lie you’ve got to rise above

So, S’all good XD

Miss you soooo much =(



P.S. (to everyone else) I know I haven’t been on here much, but as it turns out, med school is no joke -_-”

It took all of 8  months..but it finally got to me…


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