Planned Randomness

You see this here? Guess what it is.

No clue? Well, it’s a glue-gun stick with my ‘initials’ ‘engraved’ in it.

How did I get the effect? I’m sure you guys have seen those fiber optic show pieces, which have a bunch of plastic wires put together in what looks like an upturned broom. The ends seem to glow brighter than the rest of the wire right? It seem really fascinating, but it’s actually simple physics. If  I’m not too rusty on it, the effect is cause by light hitting the inside of the wire at an angle of exactly 90 degrees. This is what is known as the ‘critical angle’ of the wire, which means that the beam of light is reflected inside the wire instead of exiting it. The beam makes contact at 90 degrees again and so on and so forth. So at the end of the wire, you can see a bright light.

That’s the same principle that I used here. I’m not sure about the critical angle of the tube of glue, but it works the same way. By carving my name into the side of the tube, I changed its shape, therefore the initials appear brighter than the rest of the tube. I’m not sure if I can call it a tube though, since it isn’t empty from the centre. But I’m using it here for lack of a better word.

Oh btw, this is how an endoscope also works.

I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that I didn’t get any of that wrong =S




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