Torn Asunder

Yeah, no photograph today either, but I wanted to tell you guys about my day today.

Before that though, you should know that for the past few weeks – Which may have turned into a month or three – I haven’t really felt like talking to any of my friends. I contact them through messaging… But I’m just not that into conversing with anyone.

This is one of the numerous reasons why my first, real best friend and I started ‘drifting apart’. We both sorta lost touch, and after a while, I started to feel like I didn’t WANT to talk to her. I couldn’t get myself to pick up the phone and say hi, or even message her.

Today though, I went over to see her after quite some time. I went pretty early, around 10.30 in the morning. I bet she felt like I was being a pain in the hind side, but whatever, our time was limited.

I walked into her house to find her curled into a tight ball, writhing with pain. All the distance was instantly forgotten. I sat down beside her, tried to calm her down, massaged her and even laughed at her every now and then because of her babyish-ness.

The fact that she was unwell did ruin our plans for ice cream, but it gave us the opportunity to just sit side by side and talk to each other. We both had a lot to get off of our chests. We laughed and cried and had intense moments.

I realized today more than any other day how much I miss the comforting touch of a friend. You just feel like when you are with your friend, everything is  absolutely perfect. It feel so safe and peaceful. I miss that. I miss feeling so safe and loved. Even though I ended up doing nothing short of nursing her, but it was nice.

We sat for hours just talking, catching up on new things, remembering old things.

We ended up watching super-lame movies by the and. Laughing at the stupidity of not only the movies but the adverts too (no offence).

It was the perfect day. It might be a little selfish of me, but the fact that she was unwell brought us closer in an instant. Plus, after all the talking, both of us agreed that it was time for something warm and comforting… We decided that we’d save the ice cream for another day.

I hope that day comes soon.

Love you @EternallStarr




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