Once Again

This morning at about 9 AM, one of our doctors walked in and announced that buses would be leaving at 10 AM for an award ceremony which most of us didn’t know about. After the last lecture ended, everyone who wanted to go (there were people who didn’t go…their loss) rushed into the bathroom to check themselves.

It really isn’t fair to announce such things too late for us to do anything about it. I mean, no one (almost) goes to uni all dressed up and perfect looking every day right? I myself prefer to catch my sleep rather than make myself look pretty for no apparent reason.. So anyway, the venue was really beautiful. It’s called Madinat Jumeirah. It’s architecture as well as decor are all ancient like. Here’s a quick glance..

Just having a little fun with the photo here.. not worth a look otherwise

These look wayyy better at night.. But I took a pic anyway =)

This one didn’t turn out perfect, but the subject itself was really pretty.

Popped a sugar cube in my mouth after making sure that no one was looking. Why? Because I can. It was definitely a fun day. We sang all the way there and danced on the way back. Or well, my friends did… I was just watching them. I do the whole dancing thing..

So overall, it was a pleasant surprise. We got to meet the crowned Prince and the Deputy Ruler of Dubai, and took a gazillion photos with our Dean as he held his trophy, nice and proud.




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