Same old

Nothing amazing about today, just going ahead with the amazing race that is life.

So, as the title goes, I decided to share and old pic with you guys..

Took this photograph a few years ago. This is one of my favorite key chains… Gave it to one of my favorite people ~ My Co-Queen .

I was lucky enough to have had this photograph published as the back cover of our school’s lit magazine, thanks to Angelicsuccubus and MEC.

Sigh, just got lost in a flashback to those beautiful days… That’s an understatement.. Really.




7 thoughts on “Same old

  1. You know, when I pulled out a bunch of my mementoes recently I found a list I’d made years ago of things I wanted to do ( – it’s kind of embarrassing that I actually had a list but there you go..! =P) and producing a magazine was one of them – and I’d never ever have guessed where and with who I’d get to do that but I really think I couldn’t have chosen any better. =)

      • I can’t remember now – before I began working and travelling so must’ve been some time when I was a student. It was a very random list – it included getting a pilot’s licence which I totally don’t remember being a hope and ambition. =/ But putting things down in writing can be good – so we don’t forget our dreams, even if they’re just daydreams… 😉 Lol I’m glad you took me along for the ride..! ❤

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