And Again

It’s Monday today, do you know what that means?

It means we visited the clinic today! Today we went to the travel clinic, where people who are about to go on a trip come to get  vaccines, as well as education on the health conditions of the country to which they are headed. Most people only come to get the mandatory vaccine, but leave thinking that they might be better off taking the ones necessary for the are to which they are going as well.

For example, everyone has to get a Yellow fever vaccine, but if they were travelling to places where malaria is common, then they would be advised to take anti-malarial tablets. Apart from that, the doctor would also tell them to take certain precautions like making sure the windows are sealed tight maximum at 9 PM, to use mosquito repellent etc.

It was quite education. We got to meet two very different doctors. One of whom was a little evil (understatement).

So anyway, here are a few photographs I took on the way and while we were there…

they kinda had bamboo trees sticking out of nowhere… I mean, it just seemed a little unusual…

They also seemed to be extremely patriotic, with flags and photographs of the ruler of Dubai around every corner.

Yeah.. just a random villa… I thought it would be wrong to take a photo of the house itself, but the outside seemed pretty.. =)


Found a few pretty flowers..

And finally made our way back to the university.

Everyone was exhausted by the time we got back, but it was worth it.



P.S. you can all check the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website, to make sure that you’re completely ready before travelling to any place


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