Give It All Away


I know this is common knowledge, and we all test for our blood groups in high-school biology. But isn’t it cool that the universal donor is the most common blood type?

As is probably obvious, we did the experiment again today, for our physiology practical. It was actually a lot of fun.

In Problem Based Learning (PBL) today, our first class of the sort. What happens in it is that, we are split into groups and are given a case study. What we have to do is firstly research on all the holes in the case (loose ends) and then answer the final question.

I know that we are now studying at a professional level and that we are no longer kids, but it was funny to see how well the discussion went. No one spoke over the other, no one was rude to another and it didn’t even feel like we were studying. That latter because it was a change from our usual lectures. Here, we were trying to figure everything out. And of course, solving cases makes us feel more like future doctors, than sitting in lecture after lecture.

Also, in anatomy, we started with the head. We had an anatomy lecture and a practical today, so it was a really good start. I was actually pretty surprised at how I could sit and stare at a human skull without getting all creeped out. In fact, I’m super excited about this semester because, as I’m sure you all know pretty well, your head is where the brain lies.

Oh and one more thing, we saw an ‘integration’ between physics and anatomy today. There is a point on your skull where three bones meet, and it forms the symbol for wavelength, therefore it is named ‘Lambda point’.

Lol, in case you were wondering about what exactly it is that I’m trying to list here. These are actually the few things that made my day today. I love how I’m starting to enjoy uni more and more as we move to new topics.

Oh Oh! Another thing, our super-interesting elective project topic was approved! The topic is personality psychology, and why and how different personality traits develop.. is it just me… or have I said this before..?

I think the only way any of this will become easier is by taking an interest and not just by memorizing everything. We are no longer at that point in life. Right now, our understanding of a certain part of any of the subjects could mean a life saved or a life lost, in the future.

Pretty damn nerdy.. guess this is another proof of my nerdyness, eh Pix?



P.s. just took the pic randomly. I’m uploading it from my phone so I’m not even sure if It’s clear or not. No time to check XP


5 thoughts on “Give It All Away

  1. Awesome post.. Love the information.. The sad thing is I understand most of what you wrote and enjoyed reading it.. Geez!! you have a knack of bringing out my nerdiness..

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