Every monday, we go to health clinics around Dubai that have been designated to our groups. For the past three weeks, our group has been part of the Family Health Care Program. Being first year students, we don’t have to do much except observe the doctor-patient relationship and how we can communicate effectively with the patient, so that not only are they being consulted, but they start to trust the doctor enough to take their medication as asked. You’d be surprised if you heard about how many patients we see each day, that don’t take the meds because they just don’t think that they’re going to work, and other such things. It’s kinda annoying for the doctor, but we’ve seen them work even harder to get the message across as politely as possible.

Anyway, the patients usually arrive at the clinic from 10 AM onward. And we reached there at about 8.30 AM, when not only were their no patients…but there weren’t any doctors either!!

So, we decided to go on a little ‘adventure’ around the block, where we found weird grammar, sad typos,  lame stickers on a car, and a closed Pizza Hut, which was actually our destination… yes, at 8.30 in the morning *shrug*

So, here goes..

Obstacle #1 : Cross The Road

Believe it or not, I almost jumped onto the road while the signal for pedestrians was still red. I honestly thought the red signal was for the cars (WHAT?). Luckily my friend pulled me back like a little five-year-old.

Obstacle #2 : Construction site

Even these guys weren’t up yet -_-”

Obstacle #3 : English Brain Teaser

It just doesn’t seem right….

Obstacle #4 : Typo

Okay, forget the typo then…but the picture! does it look like a crane?!

Obstacle #5 : Another sad typo

I say typo because they had it right on the sign a few paces away from it.

Not-Obstacle #6 : swings

These people LEFT their gates open okay! and I thought it was kinda cute.. =P

Obstacle #7

I don’t know…It just doesn’t seem right…. Also, the fact that 80 comes after 160 makes me wonder where they got the sticker from…


Getting closer…

Final Obstacle : #Fail

Oh well… We were going window shopping at Pizza Hut anyway.. so whatever.

Time to get back

The airport is quite close to the clinic we were at, so we all waved at the airplanes that whizzed by over our heads, like 5-year-olds.

Back to business

A and I tried to measure each other’s blood pressures, but it was a total fail because we haven’t been taught how to do that yet -_-”

Oh, and I found this super-thorny flower in the tiny back garden of the clinic…



And well, that’s pretty much it. It wasn’t something overly exciting, but it was fun to go out and conspire about random things. We thought about getting a ride to somewhere else, but then decided that it would leave a very bad impression on the doctors about our uni. =)

Long day, super-tired.



P.S. My PICs (partners in crime) on this little excursion were Kay, Nad, Bounty, Aye, San and I think the rest were still at the clinic.. Forgive me if I forgot to mention someone.

P.P.S. It was HOT outside!!!!!


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