This here is the emblem of my uni. On the top, in the little open book it says, ‘And say : Lord grant me knowledge’. This is an Ayah from the Holy Qur’an.

I think before I told you that, I should have mentioned that our uni was initially built to give female, Muslim doctors to the community.

You might ask why it isn’t mixed, or why is it solely dedicated to girls, and that too Muslims. Well firstly, it is the girls of today, who become the mothers of tomorrow. It is up to them to raise a whole new generation. And their way of thinking and their knowledge will effect the nurturing of their children. Secondly, it shows that Islam is a religion that promotes the pursuit for knowledge, not just religious but otherwise too.

The aspect of this emblem that I really love is the picture of the honey bees and their honey comb. It symbolizes us, girls. We go out and gain knowledge from all the sources we can find, and come back to collect it and make a giant honey comb, the sweetness of which is enjoyed by numerous people. Not only that, but during our journey, as we go from flower to flower in our pursuit, we leave a mark behind. In nature, this could mean the beginning of new life, as a honey bee carries pollen on its ‘feet’ and drops it off, unknowingly even, on random flowers. And ofcourse, bees are always busy, and so are we =]

They want us to not only spread our wings and fly, but to benefit those around us while we’re at it.

I am proud to be where I am, what I am and who I am… but a lecture today made me think about whether or not I am serving the purpose for which I was made.

Well, until I find the purpose for my being, which is not to just doing a job, earning money and partying, but hopefully something far greater.

I tend to avoid writing about religion.. but this was just something that I thought was worth sharing. And of course I wouldn’t be able to live in peace if I hadn’t analysed the uni emblem and shared my thoughts with someone. Feel free to share your own interpretations of it, I’d be more than happy to see things your way.

Which reminds me! The elective project that I have chosen this semester is about personality psychology and how and why people have different personalities and traits. I’m really excited about this project. I want to know how we are who we are, and how much of a say we have in it, and what things effect what kind of people we become. I can already think of a few answers for those questions, but this time it won’t be from my own head, but rather from reliable sources.

I’ll share what I find out with you guys, for sure =]



P.S. I just reread my post, and I have already come up with a new interpretation of the


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