Change In Perspective

When you look at people, or hear about them, what do you think of?

Most people would from a certain opinion, initially based on look (don’t deny it) and then as they get to know more and more, their opinion might or might not change..

So, here’s the first look..

Let’s say this is a person that you just saw. The way they have their face made up automatically captures your attention. If you think a little deeper, you might expect them to be very artsy, because they’ve worked so hard on themselves to look so eye-catching.

Then, eventually you get to talk to them and therefore get a closer look…


They share with you their random experiences, and you feel like you’ve been there with them. You can picture every adventure that they tell you about. But who’s to know if it’s all true or just made up? If the stories that they share with you are just a fragment of their imagination? That through their eyes…



…That through their eyes, the world is as exciting as a brick wall? What if they can only see a tiny speck of joy (red glitter near the center) and think that life is just all black and white? Maybe it’s all an act, to sit back and watch your reaction to everything?

All in all, you can’t really judge a book by its cover… I think that’s what my head was trynna tell you guys =P




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