I bet most of you have at least heard of, if not seen ‘Annie’ the musical.

Today was my sister’s school’s annual concert, and this time they performed Annie for us. They did quite a good job of it too. The kids were super confident and totally into character, but I have a feeling that the girl who played Annie has a similar personality to the character which she played. She therefore captured the essence of the little not-so-orphan child beautifully..

As musicals go, there was quite a lot of singing and dancing involved…

These were the only post-able photos that I was able to take. But that doesn’t mean that the others weren’t good. Each and every kid performed their parts with such grace that you could barely tell if anything went wrong. Which reminds me, at some point, little Annie forgot one of her lines, and I thought it was super cute that Mr Warbucks helped her out by hinting to her what her line was supposed to be. I mean, that’s how it’s supposed to happen right? Everyone’s in it together. But still, it was really nice to see all the team work.

Before I forget, the singers had really sweet voices, with the perfect expressions. I say that because, even though we couldn’t really see their faces, we could comprehend the mood of the song and I could see a very vivid image in front of my eyes as to what expression the singers must have on their faces. It was actually quite smart, the singers sang and the actors were lip syncing. This way we could clearly hear the song and the kids on stage weren’t rendered breathless.

All in all, it was a great show. I’d like to thank everyone who took part in it for entertaining us so completely this evening. Specially the kids in the chorus, what’s a musical without the singers, right?




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