Looking Out

I’m sure that a lot of you know how it is for people when they enter a new environment. They feel judged, watched and kinda lonely. Eventually those with things in common start sticking together, and that’s how your potential group of friends comes into form.

Almost the whole of the first semester saw most of us boo-hoo-ing alone in a dark corner. I know I had one too many gloomy days, because I missed my friends,my school and the environment that I was so used to. I guess it was kinda worse for those who live in the dorms, away from their families.

It’s one of my dormy friends, Nad’s birthday today. We obviously haven’t known each other forever, but there are a few things that I know bout her. She loves olives, Jason Mraz, Ed Sheeran,Maths,  House MD and ME. Lol, just kidding, she’s just a genius who lives in her own little world, but then again, don’t they all?

We had an awesome time celebrating her birthday today. I still can’t believe that she didn’t know that we were planning something, but the birthday girl is always right, innit?

So, here’s what ONE of her cakes looked like.. It’s a shame I forgot to take a proper pic of the other one..Anywho, Aff baked it for her =)

And here’s where everyone went kinda cuckoo and started racing..I of course was too busy taking pictures to join in..Plus I kinda broke my shoe, and I had smaller ones on..not comfy.. and neither was the bare pavement

And finally, this pretty flower that none of the dormies had noticed until I pointed it out today, or well, I know that Ay hadn’t taken a good look at it before..

Hope you liked it Nad, and have an awesome 100+ years ahead of you.

Olive you ❤



P.S. I totally missed out the looking out part! Just wanted to say that we have your back Nad =)


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