Guess what? It ‘Rained’ last night! Not enough to cause the floods and stuff like before, but enough to make the weather nice and cool.

Twas the perfect day ya know? We visited the clinic this morning, which took up most of our time. Then, when we got back to uni, we had a ‘Health Awareness Campaign’ where we got free stuff (=P) and that was about it. Since the free check ups didn’t take very long, we were absolutely free from 12-3 PM.

We spent the whole time outside, of course! A lot of people went home early, but thank God I had  N and Mary to keep me company.

Mary and I had a randomly intense convo, which is cool. I tend to say a lot of things when I’m talking that I hadn’t thought of consciously right until the millisecond before I say it. Therefore, convos like these help me understand what’s going on at the back of my head.

BTW! I never want anyone around me if I’m sedated for a surgery or something… Cuz you tend to say things that you don’t remember, usually the truth… I can’t imagine what I’ll be saying. Honestly, if people were to find out what goes on in my motherboard… I wouldn’t have any friends =$

Anyway, took these two photos between 6AM and 3PM.. Umm I have no idea why you need to know the time…But Imma leave it there =P




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