How I Miss Thee

Guess what? After about two years of no rain, it drizzled last night… AND EVERYONE WAS SLEEPING!!

So what? It wasn’t anything amazing… just a raindrop here and a raindrop there… except.. THAT’S ALL WE GET!!! And if we miss that too then… We must be cursed.

Okay, maybe the fact that I live in the desert (Climate-wise, we’re very advance technology-wise, mind you) might have something to do with it. But there were days in the year when there was enough rain to get a day off from school.. not any more though -_-”

Anyway, it reminded me of this photograph that I took when I went to India over the summer. It was raining, as you can see. The problem with rain there is that once it’s all over, it’s like all the space around you is taken up by armies of  mosquitoes rising from the still water. Oh and it gets pretty darn hot soon after.

Meh, you win some, you lose some, Innit?




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