New Experiences

Sorry I’ve been away for the past few days, things have been a little crazy at the correctional facility (not literally…I think XP)

Anyway, guess what? We went to a health clinic today, as part of our clinical skills course!!

It was a great experience. We learned how to measure and record the patients’ vital signs, how to dress wounds, how to greet patients and make them comfortable and how to give intramuscular injections.

The thoughts in my head are all mixed up!I should start with the ‘what?’ first. So, we basically had to observe the procedures that make up family health care. We were supposed to learn how to communicate with patients, how to explain to them things like how important it is for them to complete the dosage of drugs prescribed to them, or else the diseases can reoccur.

Most important of all though, is that here in the Middle East and most Asian countries, people are not aware of the difference between a General Practitioner (GP) and a Family Doctor. They therefore do not know what these doctors can do for them. Basically, a family doctor is not just a doctor that tries to cure you or a person who you go to only if you are ill. They can act as counselors of sorts, advising you about many things in life, a lot of which do not have to be medicine related. It’s like having a best friend who also happens to be a doctor…cool huh?

I couldn’t take any extremely interesting photographs, because I forgot my camera today. Plus, it seems a little rude to go around the clinic taking pictures like that, innit?

All in all, it was a great experience and we got to see quite a few interesting cases. You’d be surprised at how nice the patients themselves were, for letting us observe them as they got treated by the nurses. I know I was.

So yeah, that was my day. Hope yours was just as cool =)



P.S. for those who want to know, everything went well. (previous Post)


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