Guess what?

I walked up to the door of my bus this morning, listening to the usual beep of the automatic doors, only to find one of the girls coming up to the door from the inside and opening it.

So, I got in and tried to shut the door, only to find that the lock was broken…uh-oohh.

Anyway, me being me, I shrugged it off and took my seat right in front of the door. Didn’t turn out to be my brightest decision… Cuz here’s what happened at every turn..

Sorry for the shaky-ness, but I was kinda trying not to fly right out the door as I took the pic.

You know what the best part is? even after all that, I didn’t more from my place. I just made sure that I held on to my stuff like a life raft. In my defense, I was too tired to change places…=$

No worries though, half an hour later, the bus driver tried to switch the doors back to automatic and see if they worked, which they did.

What a morning huh?

I don’t know , somehow I couldn’t really see myself flying out the door just like that… I always imagined that If I WAS flying out the door, it would be because someone threw me out..( Don’t ask me why)




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