‘Croatiate’ Anastomosis

Those who know what I’m talking about will know that I’ve written it wrong in the title, the correct term is cruciate anastomosis. It is the joining of arteries around the femur (thigh bone). For those who would like to know, an anastomosis is like an emergency secret passage for blood. If one of the arteries taking part in the anastomosis gets blocked, another one can use this secret passage to help supply blood to places that were supposed to be supplied by the blocked artery.

Now, it has been bugging me since the first time I heard this term, why it hits my head so hard. It’s like I’ve been trying to make a connection and my inability to do it has been eating away at my brain!

So this evening, when I saw my sister trying to learn how to make croatia designs from my mum, it hit me like a toilet seat from outer space! (Dead like me reference)

So, here’s what the cruciate anastomosis looks like…

The labels are a little tiny… but you’ll live =P

Anyway, here’s what my mum was teaching my sister (basics first innit).. I don’t really like the colour.. #JustSaying





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