Getting Authentic

Back in the day, before convenient plastic containers, people used to store edible things in clay pots. There are loads of advantages to it. The clay pots act as thermo flasks, keeping cold waster cold and warm water warm. They say that drinking water that has been stored in a clay pot is somehow better, because the water absorbs the minerals from the pot, I’m not so sure about that though.Also, there are certain foods that taste completely different if served or cooked in clay pots.

My mum made a rice dessert, which we call ‘Kheer’ yesterday. She was all excited that my aunt was coming, so she wanted to make things extra special. Therefore, she set the dessert in a clay pot that she had bought specially for such occasions.

Believe it or not, the same dessert tastes completely different when set in a normal ceramic dish. There’s just something about the rich smell of earth that personally reminds me of rainy days, and that beautiful smell of little droplets of water hitting the earth, the union of the two great elements.

Aaah..Pretty =)

I still remember the day when we went out to buy this pot. It was about 5-7 years ago I think. We spent hours picking the perfect one. One with one holes, no cracks, the perfect colour, the perfect size and the list goes on..





3 thoughts on “Getting Authentic

  1. There’s rice pudding in the bakesale today.. but my stomach is being meh, considering I’m in my ICT practical exam right now- lol

    Webmaster considers twitter a threat, hence Imma sit and spam your blog.

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