Random Rage

Guess what I did today?

I walked out of a lecture because I had a supercool idea, and had my hand up for half an hour, but the doc didn’t pick me… she looked at me, AND THEN LOOKED AWAY!

You must know, I’m not the kinda person who let’s this like THIS get to me.. but it did.

I’ve been in such a rage, that I snapped at A, and in my head, all I’m doing is criticizing people and getting even more pissed off at their stupidity. If they were to hear my thoughts… I’d have no friends, in fact I’d probably just have a bunch of haters.. But they could always say that I started it -_-

I’m so mad that I swore at everyone who tried to message me (in my head of course.. nd when I say swore… not the swear words kind.. but close enough.. I don’t even know if that makes sense).

It’s so weird.. It’s so out of character for me to do things like this .. normally, I’m happy to help.. now… I feel like killing anyone who fails to understand something when told more than once.. specially if my brain thinks that it’s something simple..


I feel like I’m about to implode.. cuz u know.. if I explode.. half the people around me will get offended..

OMG! I just got pissed off about that too! That these people won’t understand.. cuz I usually try to give people the benefit of doubt (I try-emphasis).. WHY THE HELL CAN’T THEY?!?!??!?!





11 thoughts on “Random Rage

  1. I’ll try not to analyse – I’ve been told I do that a lot… =/ But I just wanted to say I don’t think it’s random… And I think you should say something to your teacher – in private and when you’re not so mad. Or you’ll continue to feel disregarded (and teachers should be challenged about behaviour that seems so blatantly unreasonable and unfair). When I was at school I had this Peanuts poster on my noticeboard and it was a picture of Lucy with clenched fists – really mad – and the caption read ‘Don’t go to bed mad – stay up and fight!’ Please don’t go to bed mad – decide what you’re going (and can) do about at least one thing that’s bugging you – then DO it in the morning. That’s what I think anyway… ❤

    • I’m probably gna sound like a six-year-old if I say that to her.. I mean.. what are the chances that she’d pick me, out of 100 students (it’s funny how even as I’m talking reasonably, my brain is screaming, ‘BUT SHE LOOKED AT ME!’)

      You know what, I don’t think this is the root of it all.. but I’m not quite sure what is..=\

      Therefore I have no clue what to do about it..

      Thanks =]

  2. Well, that’s what I meant – it’s not random – there is a root to it all so maybe you have to be very honest with yourself and see if you can figure it out… And if she wasn’t unfair then I think you have to be more persistent – if you have a great idea then I think you have to MAKE her pick you – or run after her after class but don’t let her get away before you’ve shared your idea..! 😉 You won’t sound like a six year old – you’ll be proactive. And you’ll stand out out of 100 students, even if she or anyone else thinks you’re difficult – that’s okay. Difficult is way better than unnoticed in my book… =)

    • Yeah,I guess you’re right… my brain hurts.. I wish there was a cheat sheet for this.. I’d take a peek and know what was up.. it’s like a puzzle ekfjdhdodhwhd

      Maybe I’ll talk to her after all..
      Thank you =]

    • I read your first comment and went, oh look she’s gonna hold herself back from analysing… and then I realised the page was just scrolling and scrolling and on.. XD

      And I think I go to bed mad almost every day.. but I’d really rather not fight.

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