Silly Child

When I was in second grade (I think), and I had a WAYY larger pile of random, useless papers, and I needed to get rid of them ASAP.

I decided that the trash can wasn’t large enough, and there was no other option except throwing them out the window. I mean, they’d just fly away, never to be seen again..right?

So, I got myself a little stool, and chucked everything right out of a thirteenth floor window. Now you must realise that, at that point in time, we used to put our names on every single sheet of paper at school…

That evening, dad came home with a handful of the same worksheets that I’d thrown out, and asked me what they were doing scattered all around the block, specially in front of the building…?

I was able to avoid him, but next morning, when I went down to wait for my bus, all the kids were like, “Who’s this ****?” … I pretended it wasn’t me.

Except, my plan totally failed, cuz my brother had me pick each and every one of em. Early in the morning. Honestly, if I could blush, that would have been the perfect time to do so..

I think that was the day the whole building found out who I was… The kid who’s papers magically ended up on the street… Yes, I can’t let them think that they came out the window! Not even in my head!! x.x

Aaah memories



P.S. Don’t worry, I threw these in the recycle bin =)


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