Not Any More

So, I’m nowhere close to any test or quiz, and I have no homework due this week (just one tiny thing, but that doesn’t count). Guess what I’m doing with my time?

STUDYING! ME! II was studying. And if you’ve followed me for long enough…you’d know that I’m not the kinda person that studies for no apparent reason… But I think  I’m turning into one.

And you know what? I don’t mind? I actually enjoyed reading up on things from all the different books I have on one subject. I read the same chapter in each and compared them in my head. Fascinates me how much one can miss by sticking to one source of reference only.

So basically, I’ve realised that I kinda like this whole med school thing… As long as I’m not forced into doing anything.. I’m all ears =)

as a matter of fact, I’m more interested in physiology than I was last semester…cool huh?

My desk (bed) only looks like this during exams… Guess not anymore though, eh?





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