I guess I could say that I now drive… At the expense of my family’s horror.

I mean, I did pass the test, and I do have my driver’s licence.. But I’ve still got to get used to driving with the crazy people out on the roads.. Ya know?

It’s not so bad… When the other three drivers on my family aren’t all confusing me by telling me what to do.. It’s sorta fun =)

It still makes me giggle a little to hear my dad talk so seriously  about driving to me… I am still somewhat the little child of the house..even though I have a younger sister =P




5 thoughts on “Rollercoaster

  1. Oh! Well, then, they shouldn’t all shout at you at once! (Maybe try suggesting that – only a little more polite of course.. ;)) But experienced drivers can often anticipate the crazy things some people will do – and when speed traps are coming up which is useful!

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