Up, Up And Away

This morning, as I was unwillingly on my way to uni, I saw a ginormous cloud of smoke shadowing the horizon. As we got closer and closer to the source of it… All I could think of was the casualties… It looked pretty damn bad.

But you know what the worst part is? The smoke was still rising full on 9 hours later… Now THAT is freaky.

I honestly hope that no one got hurt because of it..whether it was the firefighters, the workers or the people crawling by, in the jam-packed traffic.



P.S. Sorry for the glare, but it was too smoky outside to open the window. Also, I took a few photos in multi-shot… But it seemed highly disrespectful to make an art piece out of something that could mean a tragedy for many.




2 thoughts on “Up, Up And Away

  1. That “glare” or superimposed image of red-roofed houses on top of and inside the smoke reminds me of a tornado, Kansas, the old days (memory and an illusion) and coming destruction: the IT thing of the future.

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