Prick Away

So today we finally got to work with blood in the histology lab. I Pricked myself with the needle 10 times, no exaggeration (Trust me). It’s not that I’m a sadist… but there just wasn’t enough blood!!!

I had a hard enough time trying to squeeze out enough blood to prepare my own slide… But when I looked up at a few friends looking at the needle as though it would kill them… I decided to donate a few drops of blood.

You know what the worst part is? When you take 5 whole minutes and kill your hand to squeeze out a single drop of blood that is perfect in size… AND THEN YOU DON’T SMEAR IT PROPERLY! DDDIIIEEEEE

So now I’ve got two sore thumbs and a sore finger… and these pricker thingies (I don’t remember the name =P).. And of course ONE good slide XD

I guess it kinda teaches us to be gentle with others… Cuz now we know how much it hurts when we do it to ourselves..Innit?




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